Excellent product. I only wish I started using this sooner. I cannot believe I've used pads (most of which have plastics in them and Tampons which has fibers that have been bleached with toxic chemicals) for most of my menstrual years!!! I am so glad I made this purchase and only wish I'd done it sooner. It is very discreet and really works well and stays put. I had no trouble with inserting it and did not feel it at all. I really thought/was afraid I would be aware of its presence.
- Fezzy Wezzy
I was nervous the first time & didn't put it in far enough so I had to change it every 4 hours when it leaked a tiny bit. But now I find myself thinking when's my next period.. I haven't used my cup in awhile! Since I've put It in the right way, iits been amazing! All day with no discomfort & no worries of leaking. And no disgusting tampons or pads in the trash. Just one little cup that stays with me for a few days. I had night sweats from the night time pads & they're gone now. And I think My period has been shorter since using it! Directions say It is easier inseted when wet, but don't get too close & look at it while you're trying to figure if out. It's also slippery when wet & can snap back when you're folding it, and if anything was on it...
- Amanda
Like most of the reviewers, I made the change to avoid the chemicals in traditional menstrual products and because of the waste generated. That said, I was still super skeptical about the ease of use and effectiveness. Well, let me put your mind at ease. The instructions they sent were so easy to follow and this device works exactly the way it's supposed to!
- leighstew
Good quality, great deal. Soft but sturdy. A little coconut oil and squatting helps if difficulty using. Best lower-priced cup I've used. Been using this for almost a year now.
- S. P.
I will never have to pay for pads anymore for my wife. She’s happy, and I’m definitely happy.
- Pete
I love this cup....been using menstrual cup for about 9-10 months now....and having given birth i always go for the larger cup, however I decided to take a gamble on this cup for my lighter days, such as in the start of my cycle and the last day of my cycle. Works fine, no leaks....hold just enough on those days so that I dont feel nasty "menstrual slobber" versus actual bleeding. I have not used this cup for any of my heavier days as it is a smaller cup.....but it works just fine for what I use it for.
- Sunni
This was my first time using a menstrual cup and didn't have much time to practice, as it arrived right when my cycle was starting. I have to say that this was a great first experience. It's a pretty soft silicone so didn't hurt at all, a little velvety, not shiny. The first time getting it out was a little different than I expected as I didn't realize that it can rise up throughout the day so was a little nervous when the stem wasn't in the spot that it started off in. But a little fishing around and it came out pretty easy. Easy wear all day, and comfortable, didn't even feel it! I had no problem with leaks, even when it was full. I changed it 2 times the first day and 3 times the second day (heaviest day) then back to 2 a day after that. Would definitely recommend. Happy that I got a great product on my first try!
- Samaria Leonard
Love, love, love!! I started with the small and learned I need the large for my first heavy days. The refund policy is beyond great. They were super fast to reply and so nice to deal with, which is rare to find with most any product these days. If you are comfortable with your body and don't think it's weird to be a little more hands on with inserting and removing it, you will be thrilled like me, having only one regret - that I didn't discover this YEARS ago! Huge money saver and much more reliable. Plus, if you are a pad user, this is a perfect odor-free and comfortable solution!
- Greybo
After debating on the idea of a menstrual cup for a while now, I decided to take a chance when I was offered a sample product. I received the package, washed and sanitized as instructed and then stored the cup in the provided bag until needed. I am a nurse that wears white scrubs so I was nervous that the first day I could test this product was a work day for me, but I decided to give it a go. I did use a liner for back up though. I found insertion to be quite easy. I was expecting more difficulty as a total beginner but I followed the included instructions and after just a few minutes and minor adjustments I had a good fit and seal. I was aware of the cup's presence but I had no discomfort or irritation whatsoever. About 4 hours into use I had a very small mark on my liner. 8.5 hours into use I felt like the cup was moving down so I decided to dump it. Removal was easy but then I was unsure how to proceed from there. Do you rinse? How, without using a public bathroom sink? How does it go back in? So after a slight panic I ran some water onto some paper towels and wiped the cup with those. Reinsertion was pretty easy, again requiring just a little bit of replacing to get the best fit. A friend I asked said that she carries a small 8 ounce bottle of water in her purse and rinses that way. Some cups are softer and some are more rigid. This is my first one and only one to ever use but it feels like it is probably one of the more firm ones based off what I have read about cups. Again I am surprised how quickly I was able to get comfortable with this cup, since most people say to give it 3-4 cycles before you are truly comfortable. I felt much cleaner, there is no odor whatsoever and I love having longer periods of time between changes. Plus you can bathe and swim in total comfort. One reason I put off using a cup so long is that I do not like tampons. This to me is much better than tampons. Even though I only had a slight leak on that first day, I will still use a liner when I work for back up protection. I am 35 and have 4 children that were all vaginal births so I ordered the large size and it works well. I was provided this product with a promotional discount for trial and to give details about my personal experiences.
I stumbled upon menstrual cups after 20 something years of fussing with tampons and pads, and now I am advocate! But of course, each one is different in their own ways. All that matters to me was, could I use it and did it work good. Yes, yes, and yes. If you are a first time user, learn how to fold these buggers up before you even try -- and I would recommend you try using them when you're not on your period (sorry -- I had explained this to someone once and they went out and bought a cup and then cursed me for not telling them to try it before your period starts just so you get comfortable with it). So this one, soft enough that folding it wasn't a chore. Insertion wasn't impossible, and removal did feel like you needed to have pliers. But on that same note, the suction so you don't have leakage is amazing (now, again, if you don't insert it correctly, you will get leakage, so make sure you do that correctly!). All-in-all, this is a great menstrual cup to have. I was fortunate to have received my cup at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
- Colene DeMello
Really difficult to fold! Went in folded up and couldnt get it to unfold. Uncomfortable and useless for me. If you have a larger vagina or are experienced with sticking things in your vagina it might work for you.
- Jessica
This thing scared me. After reading reviews on similar products where people ended up in Urgent Care to have it removed it REALLY scared me. I also didnt like seeing a whole bunch of people admitting to receiving this product for reduced price in exchange for a review.... it just made it sound dishonest. But I decided to take a chance. Glad I did. It arrived right in the middle of my period, which was very light. hard to get a good solid opinion that way. But by the following month it was put through the ultimate test. Thanksgiving Dinner at the inlaws house....... I brought back up and wore dark clothes just in case something went wrong. Happy to report everything was FINE! It wasnt uncomfortable, wasnt very messy - do practice at home before you go off like I did. still no complaints. I am so so so glad I finally bought one and kick myself for waiting so long to do so. If you have girls or women in your life that you care about share this information with them. After that previous week the very idea of using tampons seems medieval and strange, not to mention uncomfortable! I wont assume everyone is the same however. my biggest worry was even though I had two children I had them via Csection. I'm also very petite in build. i took a wild guess on what size to get and thankfully wasnt disappointed. 13 people found this helpful
- Rose Regrets
Love having a safer, effective solution to that time of the month!
- Candace Oberteuffer
I had some qualms because of the price, but all the reviews were great so I took a chance. SO GLAD I did. This thing is incredible and so much cheaper than a lot of others. Plus, not having to worry about if I remembered to bring extra tampons to work or wherever I'm going is honestly kinda weird. I've used it for one period now, and I'd have a mini panic moment in the middle of the day, then remember that I'm good until I get home! Amazing. I'm never going back. Now all I have to worry about is finding someone to donate all my left-over tampons to!
- Samm F.
I was soooo skeptical when it came to using a menstral cup. This cup has changed my life. I'm not even joking. I am so grateful to have found it. I started with the small size and still use it. I have also purchased the larger size for my heavier days. If you are hesitant, it's worth trying for the price. As a reference, I have also tried the Lunette cup which unfortunately was horrible for me. This Menstrocup seems to go in so much easier and do don't hurt a bit.
- Amy England
I love this thing. I haven't used a tampon since I got it. Putting it in is a bit tricky and you might have to dig around a bit to make sure it popped open and isn't folded inside but after that I didn't feel a thing. Taking it out is a bit painful but only for a second because it pops open. It doesn't come out too easily and you have to do it pretty slowly and it is very messy so it's not something you should do unless you're at home and in the shower/bath. If you're squeamish around blood I wouldn't recommend it. If you have a really heavy flow I definitely recommend wearing a pad under it because I would overflow in about 8 hours. Other than that it's saved me so much money and I'm so glad i got over my fear and actually bought one.
- Korri
great. but it is just a little flimsier than the diva cup. so far, the flimsier plastic hasn't seemed to make much of a difference.
- Jess.
It's a great material and you do need to practice A LOT to get it in but personally it's a little too hard/thick for me to the point where it hurts trying to put it in. A friend recommended it to me and it works great for her. It's different for everyone I guess.
- Iva A.
I lived in Europe and discovered that we use real bleach in the US on our feminine products but this is forbidden there. I had been having issues and wanted to go more natural, so I started using cups. I noticed that my cramps stopped, I had bleeding for less days and less migraines. I have now tried 3 different brands of cups. This brand is my third favorite. While this works great and I'd recommend this to anyone, I like 2 other kinds better because they offer truly natural rubber ( the keeper) as opposed to silicon and more variety of sizes (Me Luna.) This brand though works fine, is comfortable and no leaking issues. I'd recommend this any day over disposable pads and tampons. Update - I've been using this brand for a few months and it is now my favorite over the other brands because it holds its shape really well. I received a discount to review this but this is my honest opinion.
- Amanda
I'm surprised how much I like this MenstroCup. I have to admit I was skeptical about this. I can't believe how comfortable this me MenstroCup feels once it's placed inside. The plastic is pliable and soft. Putting it in is just as easy, if not easier, than putting in an tampon. AND there are no tubes and wrapping to have to dispose of. I have had issues with a very heavy flow at times and worried that I would have an accident or leak. With the MenstroCup this wasn't a problem. I can wear this with confidence, knowing I wasn't going to have an embarrassing accident. I really like being able to clean this and reuse it. The cleaning is easy and quick. I am also a Prepper and this is one item that I will be placing in my bugout bag as well as keeping a few to hand out if need be. I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
- debbie gan
An amazing product and essential for the modern woman. Made of soft silicone the MenstroCup is easy to use, easy to clean, and an amazing creation. I have worn a few different brands of menstrual cups including the Diva and Lunette. This cup features softer silicone which allows easier folding when applying. The removal stem on the cup is more sturdy than the stem on the Lunette without fear of breaking the stem when removing. The body cup is softer and thinner than the DivaCup but features a wider opening at the mouth allowing for a better overall fit. I have experienced no leaks with this cup nor shifting in position with movement or postural changes following prolonged sitting. The cup contour is much more generous meaning it holds more volume than both the DivaCup and Lunette, perfect for heavier flow days. I even feel comfortable sleeping in a MenstroCup, the cup is always perfectly positioned and never shifts while sleeping. Overall this cup is hands down the most comfortable cup I have worn with easy cleanup and no staining. I would highly recommend this cup over others I have previously used.
- LaKeta Kemp
I've known about menstrual cups for probably a decade but I never wanted to use one. It sounded messy and weird and uncomfortable and ugh, who has time for that? Well, I'm glad I decided to give this one a try because I don't think I can go back to traditional products. It is soft, flexible and easy to insert. It holds up to .68 ounces of fluid, so it never spills or overfills. I've had no leaking and it almost feels like there is nothing in place. It's actually pretty amazing. I think this is actually easier to use compared to a tampon. I've had no problems with it. It's great! I highly recommend the product - just make sure to fully follow the included instructions. I got this product in exchange for an honest review*
- Stephanie B.